What Are Some Key Tips And Tricks For Improving The Fuel Economy Offered By Your Vehicle?

Tips & Tricks for Improving your vehicle’s Fuel Economy

Five Tips & Tricks for Improving Your Vehicle’s Fuel Economy

Are you concerned that your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or RAM vehicle is not delivering the fuel economy ratings that you expected it to? If so, then you are in luck! The staff here at Frank Boucher Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Janesville is here to help educate our customers on how to improve the fuel economy of your vehicle today! Let’s explore a few key tips and tricks together!

1. Drive Safely and Closer to the Speed Limit

Following this tip is probably the hardest for most drivers to follow. Rather than driving 10 mph over the speed limit, stick within 5 mph and your fuel economy will greatly improve. Also, accelerate slowly and coast to a stop to avoid using more fuel than necessary.

2. Limit Unnecessary Weight and Additional Drag

If you drive with your windows down and have a trunk full of items that are not necessary, your fuel economy is likely suffering. So, we encourage that you drive with your windows up and reduce the additional weight that you are carrying to improve your fuel economy.

Exterior view of two 2020 Dodge Charger models

Exterior view of two 2020 Jeep Cherokee models

Exterior view of two 2020 RAM 1500 models

3. Run Your Engine as Efficiently as Possible

The best way to run your engine efficiently is by avoiding idling as much as possible. This means don’t warm up your car during the winter and shut the engine off when waiting in stopped traffic or for a passing train. This works well for performance sedans like the Dodge Charger and pickups like the RAM 1500.

4. Keep Up with Your Vehicle’s Maintenance Schedule

Making sure that your vehicle is properly maintained is another easy trick to follow that can improve the fuel economy offered by your vehicle. This means changing the oil, rotating tires, and completing other maintenance services on schedule.

5. Purchase the Correct Fuel at the Right Time of Day

Finally, make sure that you are always filling up your vehicle with the proper fuel. You should also fill up during the warmest time of the day, as cold fuel doesn’t operate as efficiently.

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