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What to Do After You Have Been in a Car Accident in Wisconsin

What to Know About Auto Accidents in Wisconsin

The moment has come, and it is your worst fear. You have been in a car accident. There are probably a million thoughts swirling through your head within the first few seconds. Whether you have been in an accident before or not, it is important to remember what to do after an accident. This blog will go over some important steps to remember after an accident has occurred in the state of Wisconsin.

Steps to Take After an Accident Has Occurred

A car that has been involved in an accident, tape, and a sign

Immediately after an accident you will want to assess yourself and any passengers in the car. Check for injuries and try not to panic. A few deep, slow breaths will help with the shock and stress from the event. Assess your surroundings to ensure it is safe to stay in the vehicle. For example, if you smell motor oil or smoke, you will want to vacate the vehicle and retreat to a safe area. Do not leave the scene.

Call 911 to report the accident. If you, a passenger, or someone else was injured, report this during the call. An ambulance will then be dispatched as well as an officer. If possible, locate your photo ID, registration, and insurance information. If the vehicle is still able to run, turn on the hazard lights to warn passing vehicles of the accident.

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If you are able, take photos of your vehicle and any others involved for insurance reasons. This also includes any injuries sustained, if possible. You will also want to gather information from any other drivers involved in the accident. This information may include their full name, address, phone number, vehicle make and model, registration info, and insurance information. Also provide your information to the other driver.

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What Should You Avoid Doing After an Accident?

Avoid taking blame for the accident. This includes admitting fault to the other driver, officer on the scene, or the insurance company. Do not discard the photos, statements, or information from the accident, even if the matter is settled. Keep this information even years down the road. Even if you feel okay, do not skip seeing the doctor. This does not have to be at a hospital, but try to book an appointment with your physician, even if you do not have any symptoms. Do not have your car repaired without the insurance company giving you the okay and having pictures of the damage.